There are many possible ways to make your staircase look like new.
Starting with just a new repaint or/and carpet replacement, you will convey a new and fresh look to your staircase.

If you want to go ahead and replace parts of your staircase with the new one, because of worn, damaged, or because you are tired and want something new and modern can be a challenging moments.

One of the easiest and not expensive option is to replace the most visible and attractive part of the staircase – The balustrade.

You can choose between different materials – different types and shapes of wooden and metal spindles or the modern these days toughened glasses.
We from StairServise can offer you different options and Install with the confidence that it will serve you for a long time.

Another important point is that sometime you need to strengthen the old staircase. Unglued wedges, creaking, broken treads or risers, the gap between the stringer and steps are some of the problems which should not be avoided.

The next step of replacing the staircase elements is better to be discussed with Our specialist because can significantly increase the total cost of renovation.

The posts can’t be replaced easily but they can be clad with Oak. The same goes for the treads and risers. There are different stair cladding systems that can be very good looking and easily installed.
This is an option but cladding the staircase will never look and lasts like the proper staircase.
Firstly, because all these parts are glued on top of the old surfaces, you must be sure the staircase is structurally strong, without creaking and movement. When you placing the cladding on painted surfaces you cannot get a quality guarantee. All the paint must be removed beforehand. Including that you need to find a good and conscientious carpenter, the price can increase significantly without a quality guarantee.
But remember, your staircase is under constant loading and wear. It’s common for the wood to change its size after a while, to have cracks, to rot due to moisture or other problems, so cladding on top of some of these problems is only a temporary solution.

If you are worried about how to proceed and need advice, our experienced specialist can survey your staircase and give you a professional opinion.

In our experience in most cases, it is financially profitable in the long run to replace the whole staircase, instead to repair it. If you have an ordinary staircase, straight or one turn standard construction and you are not afraid of a little painting and plastering, replacing the hole staircase might be a cheaper and quality option for a long time.

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Available Services:

– Staircase survey
– Balustrade replacement
– Strengthening and Part replacement
– Staircase cladding