The term: “We”, “Us” and “Our” refers to STAIRSERVICE Ltd, registered as a company in England and Wales no. 14781825, trading under StairService. The term “You”, “Customer” and “Client” refers to the purchaser of our goods, and services or the user or viewer of our website

By placing an order, you are thereby agreeing to these terms and conditions, a copy of which will be provided with your Quotation.

  1. Placing an order

Once We get to know Customer requirements and preferences, you will receive our Quotation. Quotation for products and delivery only can be considered final. Quotations, including on-site services based on information received by the Customer without a visit by a representative of our company, are indicative only. After the site visit, we may confirm, amend or change the price, as the reason for this is stated in the correspondence unless otherwise agreed.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to read the terms of our quotation in detail. If you think that the quotation does not meet his needs, the Customer must notify Us so that it can be corrected. After the approval, the Customer will receive an invoice with the order number, after payment of which, the order is considered approved for implementation.

Making changes after this stage may increase the lead time and /or cost additional money. Any changes after the order are subject to negotiation between the parties.

The lead time is normally shown in our Quotation. However, time for delivery and/or completion may increase or decrease depending on our workload, and we will notify you promptly. The term of the order begins after the approval of the documents, payment of the invoice and/or taking measurements – which is the last.

Please review your order carefully before submission to avoid problems. If you make a mistake during ordering, please contact Us as soon as possible.

  • Pricing and Payment

Unless stated otherwise, all prices quoted are in regard only to the Specifications and Description expressly stated in the Quotation. Not included and not described in detail materials and services cannot be subject to claims by the Client.

The quotes/prices are valid up to the date shown, after which may be reviewed due to fluctuations in the market. Cash, PayPal transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Bankers Draft, or BACS Transfer, are all acceptable methods of payment. Our Terms are payment in full at the point of order, or deposit at the point of order with the balance fully cleared before delivery and installation (if required), by prior agreement.

All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full. Monies that remain outstanding by the due date will incur late payment interest at the rate of 2% above the prevailing Bank of England’s base rate on the outstanding balance until such time as the balance is paid in full and final settlement. We reserve the right to seek recovery of any monies remaining unpaid forty days from the date of invoice via collection agencies and/or through the Small Claims Court. In such circumstances, you shall be liable for any and all additional administrative and court costs.

We reserve the right to revise our prices at any time prior to placement of the order without notice in line with changes in costs of materials, services, or labour, affecting the cost of the used materials and the final product. Once an order is placed the price will be fixed as agreed at the time of purchase.

Any additional materials, goods and services required for the implementation of the project must be subject to additional negotiation, approved by both parties. They must be specifically stated and priced in an additional written document stating the full final price and reference to the order to which it relates.

  • Measurements and responsibility

Where applicable, you should provide Us with the necessary measurements required in order to manufacture your staircase, unless you also want stair installation. In this case, rough dimensions and description are sufficient to prepare an initial offer. The simple rule is: The installer takes the measurements. So, If the Client want Us to install the staircase and/or be responsible for the staircase meeting the regulations, then we will visit the site and take the necessary measurements. We do not guarantee that in all cases a staircase can be installed or meets the Building Regulations – Part K. In some cases, construction work performed by a builder or professional is required. We can consult and assist, if necessary, by providing the information and drawings. The Customer is obliged to comply with our requirements regarding securing the necessary space for the staircase installation. Failure to do so may result in refusal of installation, delay and/or additional charges.

If the Customer only wants the manufacture of a staircase, he must provide exact dimensions. In this case, responsibility for the provided dimensions and installation of the staircase rests entirely with the Customer. There is an opportunity where we can be involved in taking measurements and consulting the Client for an agreed fee. For this propose, we will issue a working drawing which You will need to confirm with your agreement to the commencement of manufacture based on this specification, layout and design.

  • Building regulations

In our work, we strive to always achieve high results, good quality and Customer satisfaction. We are also guided by the standards in our industry prescribed by the Building Regulations – Part K, which can be downloaded here. By default, we design all staircases to meet building standards and this is mentioned in our quotation. If the staircase, as a separate element of the construction, does not meet the regulations, then this will be explicitly stated.

We are guided by the information provided by the Client regarding the overall design of the property and the dimensions and description found during our visit. We are not responsible if the Customer subsequently makes changes or does not complete the original plan without notifying Us in a timely manner. For example: by not providing two meters headroom or by increasing the floor or flooring thickness.

Manufacturing and installation of a staircase that does not meet the building regulations is also possible as long as it is mentioned in our Quotation and the Customer agrees.

  • Consultation and help

If you want to order or install a staircase but you don’t know where to start, you can read How to measure section in our webpage or simply request an on-site consultation. One of our specialists will visit you at a convenient time to take measurements and provide you with a drawing with possible options or give you useful information based on our experience. * Fee applicable

If you order and receive a staircase from Us and things aren’t quite fitting together as you would expect, just pick up the phone and speak to our team who will be pleased to help you out.

  • On-site services and Installation

When it is indicated in our offer that installation is included, this applies only to the products described there. Any additional services must be explicitly mentioned. It is our duty to carry out the necessary installation according to good practices and standards in the industry. During installation, we undertake to keep the site safe and damage-free by making the necessary preparations.

The Client will be informed in advance about the day of our visit as in connection with the installation, the owner or person in charge of the site is obliged to ensure the preparation of the site as agreed. This may include building or removing elements of the interior, cleaning and providing the necessary space to work. He is also obliged to comply with the particularities of the installation by organizing and warning the people on the site.

Due to the nature of our work when constructing a new staircase or balustrade, passing through this section may be impossible most of the time. Our installation specialist can confirm and authorize the use of the staircase/balustrade once it is ready and safe. Any use prior to this and without our permission may result in voiding the warranty and/or additional charges.

If we find that the site is not prepared for installation as previously agreed, changes are subsequently made affecting the installation, or we consider it is not safe enough for Us to continue work, we reserve the right to refuse installation until the reasons are rectified. In such a case, the Customer is obliged to prepare the site according to the requirements. If this requires Us to make an additional site visit and costs, then an additional fee is payable by the Customer.

In some cases, due to the nature of the work, we have to carry out some operations to destroy and remove elements of the interior without affecting its structural strength in order to proper installation. Unless otherwise agreed, the installation of the staircase takes priority over the installation of floor coverings, plasters and paint. It is the customer’s responsibility to restore the interior and finish the staircase with appropriate materials (such as plasterboard, paint, carpet, etc.) and we cannot be responsible for this.

  • Тhird parties

The customer is responsible for the protection and maintenance of the staircase. Any further modifications and corrections by him or third parties may lead to defects in the staircase and void the warranty. Before proceeding with additional finishing works, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that the staircase is in good condition. The customer is obliged to contact us immediately in the event of malfunctions. Closing the staircase with plasterboard, plaster, carpet, parquet, vinyl, etc., means that the Client unconditionally accepts the work done as quality and cannot be the subject of a claim except in the cases described in clause 11.

  • Delivery

The delivery will be made by one driver only, so you will need to make sure you have sufficient manpower available to move the products you have ordered. All of our deliveries are classed as kerbside only, meaning your goods will be delivered to the nearest safe point on your property. If it is safe and feasible to do so, the driver may be able to assist in transporting the goods to your door, however the driver is ultimately responsible for where they can sensibly and safely offload. Please, inform Us when ordering if there are likely to be any problems when delivering. You will be provided with a time window (usually 3 hours) for your delivery. This is our best estimate and we cannot take responsibility for delays due to traffic or weather conditions.

We request that you inspect items for damage or missing parts before signing for them. If there is any damage present, we recommend that you refuse delivery. Our dispatch team takes great care in getting your order picked and packaged but once it leaves our hands, we have no control over its handling by the courier. If your item does arrive damaged, please let Us know so we can arrange a replacement, as the refusal of delivery by the courier will not automatically generate a replacement.

It is your responsibility to ensure all materials are on site in good condition and complete prior to commencement of your project. We shall not be liable for any costs due to delays, aborted or additional site labour costs, loss of earnings, or other unforeseeable charges. We therefore advise that you DO NOT organise tradesmen for installation until you are satisfied that all items are on site and in good condition. Any damaged or missing items should be reported within 48hrs of delivery, otherwise they may be chargeable.

For any aborted / failed deliveries on the day of delivery, an additional carriage charge (this may vary dependent on the goods ordered) will be applied for redelivery of the goods.

  • Our Recommendations

We advise applying a suitable oil / lacquer / varnish / paint finish to all wooden parts as soon as possible after receiving delivery or installation. We also recommend after installation that All wooden surfaces be covered and protected with suitable materials to protect against damage, dirt and water. We do not recommend wet plastering down onto a staircase prior to finishing or before protection, as this can damage permanently the wood. We will not be liable for any defects due to inappropriate storage, refusal of surface treatment and wood protection, neglect or damage caused by a third party.

  • Cancellation and returns

Both parties – we (within reasonable grounds) and the Client have the right to terminate the contract for any reason. Refunds will be made, less any costs incurred for work already undertaken. All staircases and/or glass balustrades are made to order and completely bespoke, and therefore are non-refundable. Other items have a minimum 48 hours’ notice of cancellation required prior to delivery. Notification for instance, in person, via email, or phone will be accepted subject to confirmation in writing. We reserve the right to levy a £60 charge to cover any subsequent administrative expenses.

Returns are only able to be made for standard stock items, and not for any bespoke products made to your specification. For any returns, we request that you notify Us by email of your intention to return the items. You have 30 days after the day of delivery in which to return the goods.

Arrangements and costs for the return of goods to our registered office will need to be met by the Client. Refunds will be issued for any returned parts once inspected and found to be in a good resalable condition. If any goods are found to be damaged, we reserve the right to reduce the refund provided, up to the full value of the goods.

  • Quality and Guarantee

We approach the manufacturing and installation of our products with complete professionalism and ability, using quality materials and technics. We can guarantee the work done by Us in manufacturing and installation but we cannot guarantee the behavior of the wood over time. As a “Live” material, wood itself can change under the influence of external factors beyond our control.

The quality of the finish will be consistent with industry-recognized standards in the trade. In some cases, we use engineered timber to improve the product, which is made up of a few sections and lengths glued together. Not only does this provide a more stable product that is far less likely to twist, split or warp, but is also more environmentally sustainable. Аll visible elements will be sanded and ready for paint/varnish/oil. Additional operations such as wood filler may be required.

The finished elements may vary in colour, shade, and texture as timber is a natural material. Naturally occurring features from the tree’s growing process may also be present, such as knots and resin canals, stains, and others. It’s also possible some small cracks, twists or bends in the wood due to internal stresses in the wood, sudden changes in humidity and temperature. Damages and defects due to incorrect operation and maintenance cannot be subject to warranty. Small defects due to the nature of wood as a natural material and which can be corrected with paint, wood filler or silicone cannot be subject to warranty.

Small deviations in the size or small cracks, according to the standards and not disturbing the strength, integrity and appearance of the product, are permissible and cannot be subject to warranty. In regard the large defects or cracks, it is necessary to determine the cause and whether the strength of the element is compromised as a whole, for which we will ask you to contact Us by sending some photos and information to our email. If the cause is found to be our work, it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion and expense. In such a case, if additional works out of warranty are required, they can be additionally agreed upon and for at the Customer’s expense. In case additional work has been done after the installation as plastering, carpeting etc, the Customer is responsible for maintaining the quality of the product. Аny claim is then subject to an investigation to find the causes of the damage, for which the client is obliged to provide access to the staircase which in some cases means the removal of the additional coverings at his expense.
                    We do not guarantee that the staircase will not creak or move a little. Wood is a flexible material and the softer it is, the greater its natural elasticity. Dimensional changes in the wood and causing creaking or small movements caused by the various physical factors and annual seasons and/or improper use or lack of surface coating as frequent causes are not covered by the warranty. However, if this is due to incorrect installation by us, missing structural elements or the use of unsuitable materials, these will be rectified at our expense, with the customer responsible for any additional work/costs beyond that of repairing the staircase. In this case, the customer is obliged to provide full access to all the elements of the staircase so that it can be repaired. The customer’s refusal cancels our obligation to repair.

The Customer must also take into account the timely painting of the wooden parts with materials suitable for the purpose – paint, varnish, oil, wax, etc. at his discretion and conviction. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, temperature and moisture, wood has the feature of changing its size, color and darkening. We recommend the use of finishing coatings with ultraviolet protection, if necessary, as soon as possible after installation.

While we do our best to ensure that the product is as consistent as possible, we cannot offer any guarantee on colour match. Images on our website, brochure and other promotional material are for illustrative purposes only.

We will not be liable for any defects due to inappropriate storage, neglect, damage caused by a third party or installation other than that which is recommended by Us.

  • Complaints Procedure

If anything is wrong with your order which is our fault only, we will do everything in our power to put it right. In the first instance, please make contact with the dedicated StairService project manager who has looked after your order, speak to our team, or email Us We will aim to provide a resolution as quickly as possible, however at the latest this will be within 30 working days.

  • Contact with Us

You can make a contact with Us through our website contact form:, or email address